In 2001, Terrene, Inc. was a steel rule die manufacturer with a single industrial laser located in the town of Mukilteo, a suburb of Everett, Washington. Since then, we have grown into a full-service laser cutting, laser etching and laser engraving company with five industrial CO2 lasers and an assortment of metal fabrication equipment. It is a point of pride that we provide timely and quality engineering solutions for the greater Seattle area and throughout the United States.

We haven’t forgotten our roots, though. Terrene, Inc. is still your vendor for making custom steel rule dies and die cutting. Each die board is computer designed, laser cut, and assembled by our trained personnel.

Terrene, Inc. has been helping a wide range of customers from diverse industries find solutions by using laser technology:

  • to cut plastics, woods, aluminum, stainless steel, plate steel and more
  • to etch, engrave and mark numerous materials including metals, woods, and fabrics
  • to manufacture custom steel rule dies for die cutting a multitude of materials

Our dedicated team of technical professionals is eager to help your business make the right manufacturing choices to improve the quality of your projects and improve your bottom line. We deliver superior product quality with the highest level of customer service and on-time delivery.

Bottom line – our strength is helping you improve your business. And it shows. Our number one source for new customers is referrals. Quality with efficiency best describes our dedicated team. Thank you in advance for your referral. Once you try us, we know you’ll be back.

How can Terrene, Inc. help your business?

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