Laser Cutting Acrylic, Wood & More

Custom Components – Acrylic, ABS, Wood, Paper, Leather, Velcro & So Much More

Terrene, Inc. can take care of your acrylic and wood laser cutting needs. Our industrial CO2 lasers can laser cut acrylic, ABS, other plastics, wood, paper, leather, Velcro, and so much more. See the material list below for examples of what we can cut for you. Depending upon the material, we can produce laser cut custom parts up to one inch thick or paper thin. We can laser cut your parts while maintaining tight edge tolerances with speed and precision.

Unlike many other businesses with laser cutting capabilities, we can also laser cut your large format projects. We are capable of laser cutting acrylic and wood sheets up to 4′ x 8′ in size. This also allows for the use of full sheets of material for high volumes and optimal yields. This reduces costs and cycle times.

Laser cut parts need little to no post processing. This contrasts with parts manufactured using a CNC router or waterjet. For example, laser cut acrylic comes off the machine with a near flame polished edge. To get the same edge quality using other methods would involve a costly and time-consuming manual process. Additionally, our lasers are able to cut more precise interior features. In summary, lasers create higher quality, uniform edges in hard-to-reach places whether the part is small and intricate or large and industrial.

Our custom laser cutting services are used by industries throughout Seattle and the nation. They are as varied as medical, aerospace, military, dimensional letters, environmental graphics, sports equipment, promotional products, and many others that have the need for high quality, fabricated parts. Using your vector file or drawing, our experienced team will efficiently get the job done for you. FYI – We can laser etch, laser engrave, and laser mark your parts for you as well.

Terrene, Inc. can support both prototype and production volumes. No matter the job size, we will maintain the same high quality you should expect from your laser cutting supplier. Contact us today, and let our fabrication experts know about your next project.


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Acrylic & Plastics

Film to 1” thickness
48” x 96″ cutting area

Wood & Wood Products

.005” to 1.00” thickness
48” x 96” cutting area

Fabric & Other Materials

Contact us about thickness
48″ x 96″ cutting area

Available Materials

  • ABS
  • Acetal
  • Acetate
  • Acrylic
  • Alder
  • Aramid
  • Ash
  • Aspen
  • Astroturf
  • Balsa
  • Basswood
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Bloodwood
  • Buna-N
  • Burlap
  • Butternut
  • Butyl
  • Canvas
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Cardboard
  • Carpet
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Chipboard
  • Composites
  • Cordura
  • Corian
  • Cork
  • Coroplast
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Cottonwood
  • Cypress
  • Delrin
  • Elm
  • EVA
  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Fiberglass
  • Fiberglass Cured
  • Fir
  • Fish Paper
  • Foam
  • Formica
  • Garolite
  • Gore-Tex
  • Hackberry
  • Hardwoods
  • HDPE
  • Hickory
  • Holly
  • Ironwood
  • Kapton
  • Kevlar
  • Laminate
  • Lauan Plywood
  • LDPE
  • Leather
  • Madrone
  • Magnetic
  • Magnolia
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Masonite
  • MDF
  • Myrtle
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Non-Skid
  • Nylon 6/6
  • Oak
  • P-Tex
  • Paper
  • Particle Board
  • Pecan
  • Persimmon
  • PETG
  • Pine
  • Plywood
  • Polyethelene
  • Polypropelene
  • Poplar
  • Poron
  • PVC Board
  • Quartz
  • Redwood
  • Rosewood
  • Rowmark
  • Rubber
  • Satine
  • Silicone
  • Silicone Sponge
  • Sintra
  • Softwoods
  • Sorbothane
  • Spruce
  • Sycamore
  • Teak
  • Teflon
  • Textiles
  • UHMW
  • Velcro
  • Walnut
  • Willow
  • Zebrawood

“Terrene is responsive to questions, and often gives us suggestions as to the best way to proceed with projects. Easily the fastest to return quoted prices, and their quality is first rate. Working with Terrene has been a positive experience on every level.”

Regards, Jim Wootan Tube Art Group