Medical Device Manufacturing Support

We Supply Manufacturing Solutions

As a medical device manufacturer, you are constantly challenged to be accurate and timely. Because people’s quality of health is on the line, you need to know you can rely on your vendors. Terrene, Inc. is ready to face your challenges with you.

Terrene, Inc. has been manufacturing custom parts quickly and efficiently for the medical industry for over two decades. During the COVID-19 pandemic when hospitals were without PPE, we were called upon to expedite the manufacturing of parts for face masks and face shields. We rose to the challenge and flourished. We can rise to your challenges as well with services that include:

Whether you need production runs of gaskets, seals, fixtures, enclosures, or control panels, we are ready. Whether your custom parts are made of aluminum, steel, polymer, silicone, or fabric, we are ready. Even if you only need a partner to take up your production overflow, we are ready.

Terrene, Inc. is ready to work with you to find your manufacturing solutions. Contact us today.