Steel Rule Dies

Tooling For Manufacturing Gaskets, Seals & More

Terrene, Inc. makes custom steel rule dies with laser cut precision. Our trained staff will laser cut your die boards using computer models designed to your specifications. Using CNC rule bending machines, our experienced personnel will assemble your steel rule dies quickly and accurately every time. We also supply the option for your dies to be assembled with cutting rule, perforated rule, scoring rule, punches, and other hardware as needed.

We can provide our customers with such special features and services as:

  • Rubber ejection strips to push material out of the die board cavities
  • Dies configured to accept blister packaging and other pre-thermoformed materials
  • Supply us with a flat pattern part, and we can reverse engineer the steel rule die required to die cut it
  • We can refurbish and re-rule steel rule dies, our competitor’s dies as well as our own

Utilized to produce parts quickly and efficiently, steel rule dies cut a wide array of soft material; from foams and rubber to thin plastics and fabrics. Commercial industries using our services include medical, electronics, aerospace, textiles, automotive, sporting goods, printing, packaging, and many more. Gaskets, seals, filters, pads, and shields are just a few of the applications for our dies.

Terrene, Inc. has been manufacturing custom steel rule dies since the company was founded in 2001. In that time, we have perfected our ability to deliver dies of the highest quality in a timely manner throughout the Greater Seattle area and the nation. Terrene, Inc. provides flexible solutions for your manufacturing needs. Contact us today.


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