Medical Device Manufacturing Support

We Are All In This Together

As a medical device manufacturer, you find yourself ramping up production to meet the demands of our national fight against COVID-19. Terrene, Inc. is ready to help you do your part.

Terrene, Inc. has been manufacturing custom parts for the medical industry for nearly twenty years.

  • Laser cutting and die cutting polymers, rubber, fabric, aluminum, stainless steel, plate steel, and more
  • Metal fabrication services including metal forming, Pem® Nut installing, bead blasting, and stroke sanding
  • Laser etching, laser engraving and laser marking numerous materials including metal, polymers, fabric and more
  • Manufacturing custom steel rule dies for die cutting a multitude of materials

Whether you need production runs of gaskets, seals, fixtures, enclosures or control panels, we are ready. Whether your custom parts are made of aluminum, steel, polymer, silicone or fabric, we are ready. Even if you only need a partner to take up your production overflow, we are ready.

Terrene, Inc. is ready to do our part. Contact us today.